Handmade Artisan Rugs 100% Tibetan Wool | Jackson Hole, Wyoming




A Bespoke Rug Studio

Designer Linda Perlman founded The Perlman Project in 2017. A bespoke rug studio located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming -designing rugs for clients around the country. Inspired by intricate Native American weavings and her worldly travels, the arts patron and scholar found herself wanting to reimagine these striking works as art on the floor. She brings more than 30 years’ experience to the highly collaborative design process, partnering with architects, interior designers, and private clients to craft beautiful, eco-friendly, artisan rugs.


100% Hand-Carded Tibetan Wool

Precisely tailored to their specifications, these heirloom-quality investment pieces are hand-knotted in Nepal using 100% Tibetan wool. Linda loves the thrill of starting a new project and the satisfaction of seeing it come to life with the final install in a residence, corporate space, hotel, or restaurant. She works with clients from across the world from her boutique studio/showroom in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Art on the Floor

To learn more or to begin the custom rug design process, contact founder Linda Perlman.